Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Training update – Sunday April 21, 2013

When will winter end? It’s hard to train for a heat race when even spring doesn’t want to arrive. Last week was filled with all types of weather which made for a challenging training week. I ran through it all: sun, rain, freezing rain, snow, hail, extreme wind (I had to run twice as hard just to move forward) and of course, temperatures that ranged from -3 to +18 degrees Celsius. The weather didn’t deter me from running because even though I know what it will be like in Death Valley, California… HOT! The weather conditions for most ultra races cannot be predicted.
Having a busy work week along with other commitments I was still able to run close to my overall objective of 150km.

Day - Distance
Mon April 15th - 19.3km
Tues April 16th - 9.6km
Wed April 17th - 16.5km
Thurs April 18th - 9.6km
Fri April 19th - 12.1km
Sat April 20th - 49km
TOTAL - 116.1km

Up to this point in my training I have been concentrating on one speed workout a week, while the rest is focused on endurance and long gradual inclines. Over the next two months leading up to Badwater, I will include hill training to prepare myself for the three mountains that I will have to scale.
Even though I don’t like to take the time to stretch, this year I have been stretching at least 30 minutes after every run and even on my days off. I believe it has helped me recover quicker so that I can continue to train on consecutive days, with only minimal rest periods.

If you have any questions regarding my training or stretching, please do not hesitate to email me. In a different posting I will discuss what works for me with regards to nutrition while running.

Until next time… Happy running!

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