Saturday, July 13, 2013

Las Vegas Bound!

One of the best parts about writing this blog is being able to share and pass along all of the things that I have learned along the way. This transfer of knowledge is pretty typical within the Ultramarathon community and I am happy to help! There are a few new people or people who are starting this year to train for Badwater who are using blogs for reference. So for those folks, as well as those who would be curious to know what my gear will look like, I have included a list below. Always feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. I’ll be sure to add a blog “what I wish I would have brought to Badwater” or “I’m totally glad I brought____with me” once the race is done. But for now, the list below is what I have brought from home or picked up in Las Vegas:

Running Shoes (3)
Running shorts (2)
Running Shirts (2) long sleeve, (2) short sleeve
Socks (5)
Duct Tape (to prevent blisters)
Running Hat
Water bottles (2)
Headlamp (2)
Reflector vest
Sun glasses
First Aid kit
Safety pins
Second Skin
Salt pills
Spray bottle (to cool me down)
Signs for Cars (name and bib number – race requirements)
Waivers for myself and the crew
Medical Forms
Scoop for ice
Extra batteries
Lip balm
Directions to the race
Travel insurance (not required, but a good idea!)

On top of all that gear, I needed to make sure I had hotels booked for myself and the crew, rental cars reserved and rental car insurance just in case.

As for my nutrition when I arrive in Las Vegas I will have a couple of days to purchase all the food, drinks and ice I will need for the race. The quantities of each product will be decided when I meet with my crew in person, but here is a start:
Ginger ale
Monster energy drink
Granola bars
chocolate chip cookies
Mashed potatoes (Joaquin will be making these for me)
Canned fruit
Papa John’s pizza (yeah that’s right, I enjoy a few slices of pizza on these crazy long runs!)
And of course ICE, and lots of it!

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